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Be the Best You,
in 2022 (and beyond)

If you think you have what it takes to make a positive impact in this world, you may have the right stuff to become a GoodCompany Ambassador.  

Happy and engaged employees as potential GoodCompany Ambassadors

Become a leader and inspiration in 
your workplace and community.

Bring out the best in others through
doing good and giving back

Build strategic partnerships with 
other ambassadors

Can we really create a more sustainable world through our actions? 

  • Organisations are constantly looking for ways to be recognised as socially responsible. 

  • When businesses become a force for good, they give greater value to their customers. 

  • Become a GoodCompany Ambassador to lead your doing good movement.  

Business People Chatting

GoodCompany Ambassadors

Business workers talking
Corri Bryne

Corri Bryne
Connecting Corporate and Community | Social Impact Manager, Group
Sustainability - OPTUS

YOLO - you only live once - so let's live it to the full and help others do the same.

Isobel Fraser

Isobel Fraser
Collaborator, Connector & Coordinator @ Optus | StandbyU Foundation Ambassador (she/her)

Titles or money don't matter.
It is about who you are on the inside.

Pip Windsor

Pip Windsor
Commercial Thinker + Leadership + Consultant + Sales Strategist

Helping others is the most rewarding experience you can give and many times it is not monetary.

What you get as a GoodCompany Ambassador

Be seen as a progressive, socially aware leader who believes that business can be a force for good. Being a GoodCompany Ambassador will help you not only look great online and offline, but you'll feel great on the inside.

You'll help thousands of charities across Australia and New Zealand to generate millions more in donations and volunteering hours.

Be admired for your inspirational, informative and motivational calls to action to help those less fortunate. You're a leader for change who aspires to be an exemplary role model to create more kindness and goodness in this world. 

You are motivated to be of service and help the less fortunate. You're passionate about technology and believe that if more companies, do more good, the world will be a better place.


If all that sounds good, let's get to know
you with a short quiz!

More good words from our GoodCompany Ambassadors

Image by Mille Sanders

Nolwazi Dladla, 
Social Impact Manager. Program Management Professional, Community Engagement Leader, Diversity Equity & Inclusion Leader, Change Maker.

The universe is to be shared in harmony. We get what we give out. If we give out care, peace, faithfulness and empathy then that's what the universe will also give to you, especially when you need it most.

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