Which company is Australia’s ‘best place to give back’?

Workplace giving is something that many studies such as GoodCompany’s “Best Workplaces to Give Back” have shown to be very popular with employees (particularly with millennials). But what benefits does workplace giving have for employers?

Which company is Australia’s 'best place to give back'?

First, studies have shown that time off for volunteering is the number one tool for staff engagement, according to the CEO and Founder of GoodCompany, Ash Rosshandler.

He added that engaged staff give better customer service, generate more sales and are more productive.

“Secondly, workplaces that clearly demonstrate a commitment to corporate giving attract like-minded, generous, empathetic, grateful and thoughtful employees,” he said.

“These pro social behaviours create a winning culture for these employers of choice.”

Thirdly, staff who are involved with workplace giving, volunteering, donating and fundraising have been found to be more loyal to their company and more likely to stay.

“This leads to significant savings in staff turnover which leads to savings in recruiting, onboarding and training,” he said.

“And finally, a generous company leads to better customer attraction, loyalty and advocacy.”

According to Rosshandler, the days of Gordon Gekko are long gone.

“Thankfully, the age of “Greed is good” is dead and today “Good is Good,” he said.

“Professionals are looking for workplaces with meaning and purpose and giving something back to the community and The Best Workplaces to Give Back in 2019 points the way”.

So what particular initiatives are winning over employees and which companies are better at workplace giving than others?

Australia’s Best Workplaces to Give Back

To answer this question, GoodCompany has launched the Best Workplaces to Give Back in 2019, celebrating Australian companies that make a positive social impact via team volunteering, skilled volunteering, fundraising, donating, sponsorship, equal pay for equal work, diversity and more.

First launched in 2018, GoodCompany invited organisations from all sizes and industries to participate in a survey, explaining how they help their staff make a difference.

The GoodCompany experts along with help from external partners, assess and rank nominees using three main criteria: impact, context and innovation.

In 2018, the Top 10 Workplaces to Give Back were – IAG, Origin Energy, NAB, Westpac, Optus, Flight Centre, AECOM, ANZ, AGL and Small Giants.

Companies, non-profits and government departments from 20 to 200,000+ staff are encouraged to enter. Entries are free and close 30th June 2019.

To enter your company, or a company you think is doing a great job,click here or visit http://www.bestplacetogiveback.com.au/

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