Workplace giving

What is Workplace Giving?

Traditionally, Workplace Giving has always been seen view rather narrowly as charitable made on a pre-tax basis via payroll to eligible charities. But then along came GoodCompany. We believe that if Workplace Giving is to become a strategic corporate tool valued by both business and charities, it must do more.

GoodCompany is the only platform in Australia that offers business an enhanced Workplace Giving Volunteering Fundraising and Rewards service incorporating:

  • Once off and recurring donations, pre-tax or via credit card
  • Charitable fundraising by the corporate sector for events and emergencies
  • Team building volunteering opportunities
  • Skilled volunteering opportunities for teams and individuals
  • Charitable gift voucher services for corporate gift giving, corporate matching of employee fundraising, donating and employee rewards programs.


Three Components of Workplace Giving
Time, Talent and Treasure

Now supporting over 1500 charities, GoodCompany’s One Stop Shop Workplace Giving Volunteering Fundraising and Rewards Platform empowers staff to give their Time, Talent and Treasure.

This is an unique offer in Australia. The holistic approach to Workplace Giving provided by GoodCompany reduces the workload, saves cost and ensures the approach to Workplace Giving effort is cohesive and generating return for all stakeholders.


The Gift of Time

GoodCompany helps match your staff to hundreds of charities requiring hands on volunteering. From planting trees to cooking meals, running fundraising events to wrapping Christmas gifts we’ll be sure to find the right roles, for the right groups, at the right time.

GoodCompany is associated with more Australian charities and projects than any other in the sector. This offers business the opportunity to identify charities that best reflect their values or, alternatively, offer employee teams a range of organisations with which to volunteer. GoodCompany has found that offering teams the opportunity to select their preferred project often results in higher of participation and greater social outcomes.


The Gift of Talent 

Less ‘hands’ and more ‘head’, Skilled Volunteering is where your staff get put their skills to the test.

GoodCompany’s workplace giving platform will match your best and brightest to hundreds of skilled volunteering roles across Australia. Accountants, designers, bookkeepers, lawyers, IT and many other professionals are in hot demand for corporate volunteering roles today, and with new roles posted daily, your staff will be sure to find a perfect volunteering match.At any one time, GoodCompany has hundreds of skilled volunteering opportunities available. This ensures business and employees can identify skilled volunteering opportunities that not only assist the charity but develop the skills and talents of those employees.


The Gift of Treasure

There are thousands of causes out there that need financial assistance. With just a small pre-tax donation from their pay, your staff now have access to one of the widest ranges of charitable projects in the world at GoodCompany. With over 2000 projects on offer, your teams can help parents who are struggling to feed their kids, fund researchers looking for cures, protect neglected animals, assist villagers without access to clean water and more.


And if your company chooses to match $ for $, together you can double the impact of your workplace giving program!