Financial donations are a meaningful and measurable way to support the community. With your blessing, employees can donate the charities of their choice through their pre-tax pay (Payroll Giving) or via credit card (Direct Giving). Donors will feel a profound connection to your business for supporting them to give to causes they care about.
We give you the flexibility to select what payment solution will best suit your business. Employees can either donate to charities of their choice through pre-tax pay (Workplace Giving) or via credit card (Direct Giving).

Workplace Giving donors can elect to give once off or every pay to the charity project of their choice. Direct Giving donors can also choose a payment schedule to best suit their desired impact.
Consider matching staff donations to amplify impact, validate your program support and further engage staff. Matching can be fully automated or you can use Charity Gift Vouchers.
Management can send staff Charity Gift Vouchers. They empower recipients to allocate the donation amount to the charities and projects of their choice. They can be sent to staff to launch the program, match donations and reward volunteering. Give the gift of giving with our innovative engagement tool.
With over 2500 charity projects to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone.