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Choose to habit stack this Chooseday 24th January 2023

Choose to drink more water this Chooseday 17th January 2023

Good Morning! Welcome to Chooseday and today I want to challenge you to take control of your habits. You know, those things you do without even thinking - like constantly checking your phone or hitting snooze for the fifth time. But here's the thing, habits can be good or bad, it's all in how you use them. That's why I'm encouraging you to try something called "habit stacking." It's a way of building on good habits, one on top of the other.

Example 1: Make a habit of reading for 15 minutes every morning after you've finished your coffee. Before you know it, you'll be an avid reader and a coffee connoisseur. Example 2: Consciously switching off from work when you wipe your feet on your front doorstep when you come home from work. Note: for those working at home, you can walk out your front door and walk back in again!

Habit stacking is a simple yet powerful technique that can help you establish new habits in a sustainable way. It's all about linking a new habit to an already existing one, making it easier to stick to it. And guess what? By ‘stacking’ on the idea of Chooseday to the regular habits of a Tuesday, you’re already a master habit stacking. So go on. Pick another habit you want to establish and stack it on top of one you already do regularly. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to a healthier, happier, and more productive life. Enjoy your chooseday!

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