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Chooseday 7th November - Choose to Say Nup to The Cup!

Good Morning,

This Chooseday, Bet on Kindness.

As you sip your morning cuppa and read this, we hope you’re brimming with that infectious energy that comes from doing good.

Each Chooseday, we unite under a simple, powerful idea: making choices that ripple positivity into the world.Today, we’ve got a different kind of race for you — one where every bet is a guaranteed win for kindness.

We’re inviting you to ‘Choose to Say Nup to the Cup’ and steer the Melbourne Cup excitement into a channel that supports our four-legged friends.

The Melbourne Cup is an event that stops the nation, but let's pause for a different reason. It's a chance to reflect on the welfare of the beautiful creatures that gallop into the limelight.

This year, let's place our bets on a sure thing — kindness and care for horses in need. How about swapping those fancy hats and betting slips for a feel-good deed?

Just $20, the usual fling on a fast horse, could instead be a lifeline for a horse awaiting a new start.

Your choice to support charities like the RSPCA means that you’re part of a community that’s racing to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome hundreds of horses every year. 🧡

By choosing to say ‘nup’ to the Cup, you're not just taking a stand; you’re providing care to a horse that has had a rough trot. And the odds? 100% in favor of doing good.

That's the kind of bet GoodCompany loves to back!

So, let's raise our spirits instead of bets and cheer on the real winners – the horses that will enjoy a better life because of your choice.

And why not share the love? Tell your friends, challenge colleagues, or spark a social media wave using #ChooseKindness. Let’s make this the trend that outruns any horse race.

👉 To make your donation to RSPCA, simply click HERE and join the league of extraordinary GoodCompany supporters turning this day into a beacon of compassion.

Remember, when it comes to kindness, there's no such thing as a long shot. Until our next update, keep choosing to be the reason someone (or some horse) smiles today!

With gratitude and high fives,

The GoodCompany team

🎄 P.S. Can you hear those Christmas bells ringing? We certainly can! And that's because we'll be at the Good Food and Wine Christmas Market, 17 - 19 November, selling our incredible Christmas Charity Gift Cards for the first time! ✨

And the best part is... we have 100 complimentary tickets to give away. Please email to secure yours.

Gather your friends and family and experience the best in local food, wine, and entertainment at the Good Food & Wine Show Christmas Market 2023. 🎁

Find out more here.

Know someone who will benefit from a Chooseday mindset?

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