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Chooseday Ep 18: Choose to Slow Down...... - July 19th 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Thanks for choosing to start your Tuesday with a Chooseday mindset. How often is it when we ask someone how they're doing and they say "Good. Busy, busy. So busy!" It's as though many of us idolise being busy with neverending tasks and deadlines to cover. Harvard Business Review says that we often want to respond to work after hours due to ambition and pride that would prove our value to our employers. Even if we're busy, it doesn't mean we're being productive. And even if we're productive to make more money and have more freedom, are we truly getting there?

Trying to accomplish everything at once can make us prisoners to our pressed agendas leading to inefficiency, stress and sickness. It's important to do our work well but it's also critical that we turn the dial back a little for the sake of our health and wellbeing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's slow down for 10 minutes a day, leave the desk and go somewhere else where there are no distractions. This will help us to:

  • Reduce mistakes - When we're rushing, we tend to make mistakes (typos, misreading messages, forgetting things). Taking a step back will help us better evaluate situations and actions better.

  • Think clearer - Having too many things in our minds can impair our thinking. Slowing down gives us a clearer picture on things.

  • Have better relationships - When we feel like we don't have enough time, we tend to rush conversations. Taking time to listen will improve our relationships and make us better friends, managers and colleagues.

  • Reduce stress - We'll feel like we have more control over ourselves which inevitably lessens stress - we'll sleep, eat, communicate and work better.

... Happy Chooseday,


Your support only takes seconds When it comes to slowing down, we think about relaxation, things that move slowly and just putting the brakes on time. These charities cover all the above and will help us appreciate the little things in our lives.

Retreat and recover

This 5 day cancer retreat program by the Gawler Cancer Foundation provides participants expert guidance on the fundamentals of mind-body medicine, and discover the practical things they can do to help with life after diagnosis. They will learn how to relax deeply, reduce stress and activate their bodies healing potential. They can share their thoughts, fears and experiences with people going through a similar experience.

Turtles to Rehab

The endangered green turtle is one of seven marine turtle species, six of which are found in Australian waters. WWF Australia's mission is to protect the marine ecosystem which they call home.

The Seeds of time

The Tree Project is onto plant seedlings to repair precious waterways and stop topsoil from washing away. The roots of indigenous vegetation stabilise banks help replenish rivers and creeks by slowing down water runoff. This means slow seepage of water into our catchments rather than raging floods.


Helping Australian children create better futures through better education

The Smith Family is a national, independent children's charity helping disadvantaged Australians to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves. We spoke to the charity on our Chooseday Webinar-Podcasts on how they're supporting over 58,000 students to help break the cycle of disadvantage through targeted, long-term support for their education and much more.


Know someone who wants to participate in making the world a better place with Choosedays? Forward them this email or show them all the good things happening on Choosedays!

Workplace Giving Program - Quick Links

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