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Copy of Chooseday Ep 16: Choose to To Get Up, Stand Up And Show Up - July 5th 2022

Good Morning,

Thanks again for choosing to start your Tuesday with a Chooseday mindset. This Chooseday we're proud to get behind NAIDOC Week. Personally, this week feels more special than ever and I have the CEO Sleepout to thank for that. Because in addition to it being a real eye opener on the issue of homelessness, we also had the privilege of hearing the best and Welcome to Country speeches that really hit home. What made them so great? For me, it was a First. It was the first time I was asked not just to acknowledge our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first peoples of Australia, but to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements as the first pharmacists, the first astronomers, the first farmers, the first doctors, the first historians, the first judges, the first storytellers, the first teachers, the first artists, the first... well, everything. This rich history that spans over 60,000 years of firsts that is being imagined, created and delivered by our First Nations people (new businesses, schools, innovations and the arts), is a cause for celebration. So this Chooseday and all week long let's Get Up, Stand Up and Show Up!

How can we Get up, Stand up and Show up to celebrate NAIDOC Week?

This year is themed as "Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!", a call to change to the relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non‑Indigenous Australians to one that is “based on justice, equity, and the proper recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights.” We can play a part by showing our support in some of these simple ways:

  • Display the National NAIDOC Poster or other Indigenous posters around your workplace.

  • Study a famous Indigenous Australian.

  • Research the traditional Indigenous owners of your area.

  • Visit local Indigenous sites of significance or interest (great idea for these school holidays!)

  • Learn the meanings of local or national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander place names and words.

  • Host a community BBQ or luncheon.

  • For a list of more events see

Wonderful causes that tirelessly provide support the Indigenous people in the country

Making dreams a reality for Indigenous kids

For 17 years, Yalari has been providing Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities across Australia the opportunity to receive full secondary boarding school scholarships.

Helping young Indigenous students in WA

MADALAH offers secondary and tertiary scholarships in West Australia's leading boarding schools and Australian Universities to young Indigenous students from remote and regional communities.

Where Children can be children

The Starlight Express Room replaces the fear and stresses of hospitalization with fun, joy of laughter. It's positive distraction that can often help improve recovery.

Browse more charities that you can support to celebrate NAIDOC Week


Chat with From the Heart

In one of our Chooseday Webinar-Podcasts, we learned so much chatting with From the Heart, their challenges and efforts to help forge stronger relationships between the wider Australian community, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Know someone who wants to participate in making the world a better place with Choosedays? Forward them this email or show them all the good things happening on Choosedays!

Workplace Giving Program - Quick Links

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