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Gifting that benefits everyone

Charity Gift Cards

Always be remembered for giving a gift that transforms lives and truly makes an impact.


Give a gift that truly means something 
to your recipient 

Reward your staff, customers, friends,
clients for all occasions. 

Digital E-Cards that has zero 
environmental impact.

For everyone



Everytime you buy someone a gift, it's more than half
likely that they don't want it.

Ouch. That hurts as a gift giver.
But the other thing that hurts too is the environment (and your wallet).

Image by Ariungoo Batzorig


is how much Aussies spend a year on gifts. 1/5 of these gifts end up as waste. 


is the value of Christmas gifts alone that end up in landfill.


of Aussies say they wasted money on store-bought gift cards.


say they receive unwanted or unsolicited gifts. 

We can still help the environment, give something that's treasured and helps a worthy cause all at the same time.

Let's give a gift that keeps giving with Charity Gift Cards

How it works

1.     Choose

 Nominate a donation amount and the number of gift card vouchers you wish to purchase.

2.    Personalise 

3.    Give!

Customise your gift card for your recipient then send it to them.

Your recipient selects the charity they want to donate the amount to via the Gift card in your name.

Experience the joy of giving in 3 simple steps

It's simple, fun and rewarding!

Choose how you'd like to send the Gift Card: Email or print and mail

Brand and customise Gift Vouchers for your staff and clients to use

Generate Voucher codes for big occassions or multiple buys

Every donation above $2 is tax deductible

image of white iPad with a $400 gift voucher for employee

Charity Gift Cards are the ideal Charity Donation Gifts that is transforming how we give.

Get weekly inspiration from our Chooseday emails to make giving
and gifting more rewarding for yourself and those around you

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