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Post volunteer roles and find hundreds of skilled and general volunteers in Australia's
largest unified Workplace Giving Platform. 

Through volunteering, your employees will develop new skills and strengths by collaborating
with colleagues in a non-work setting.

Bag of fabrics

Post unlimited skilled

and general (hands on) volunteer opportunities which will be seen by all our corporate partners. 

Women Volunteers

Access to volunteer vouchers - our bespoke engagement tool. Invite your staff to redeem their volunteer leave via the platform.

Group of Asian picking up trash in a park

Staff can set up daily, weekly or monthly Volunteer Alert emails to proactively receive opportunities that match their interests and skills.

Charity Donations

If you can't find what you're looking for, send us the volunteer roles you and your team want to see. We'll do our best to facilitate them for you. 

Charity Volunteers

Search and find your ideal team volunteer roles for your next corporate team building activity. Or let us organise your perfect team building day out via the GoodCompany Volunteer Mystery Bus.

Food Donation

24/7 access for staff to view, apply feedback and report on volunteering opportunities.

Collecting donations

Access to inter-company volunteering opportunities with our other business partners.

High Fives

Ability for charirty partners to list roles exclusively on your platform.

Volunteering opportunities made easy.

70% of employees are not engaged in their jobs and with changing employee expectations, more people are leaving the workplace.

To combat this issue, companies rely on prosocial activities such as volunteering to help engage their staff. 

But the process of volunteering for corporates and finding the right volunteers for charities is usually complex and time-consuming. As a result, the rate of formal or corporate volunteering has declined over the years. 

GoodCompany's Volunteering Solutions helps connect corporates and charities by showcasing hundreds of opportunities for volunteering, donation, fundraising and giving. As part of our various Workplace Giving program initiatives, corporates will have plenty of opportunities for their employees to develop new skills and strengths through collaboration in a non-work setting. 

Empower your people to support and volunteer with
the charities they love.

Image by Mario Heller

Don't think. Just Fill.

We take the burden off filling in volunteer requirements as our templates already pre-fill the skills, and qualifications needed. Your volunteer roles will be shown to more than 100,000 of our corporate members
(the more roles you list, the more exposure you will receive).
Our software and tools let you easily promote volunteering roles to individuals or teams. You can contact,
shortlist, accept or deny applicants. 

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