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Your Workplace Giving Platform – Volunteering Donating Fundraising Reward.

Doing good is good for business. It brings out the best in your employees and your company. And GoodCompany’s Unified Workplace Giving Platform is your One Stop Shop for Corporate Volunteering Donating Fundraising and Rewards.



GoodCompany delivers the awesomeness of giving Time, Talent and Treasure. By combining the power of Skilled Volunteering, team volunteering,  fundraising and donating all in the one platform. You can choose individual modules or include them all for greater impact. You have the power to empower your staff to change the world.

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Employees increasingly expect companies to not only be good corporate citizens, but to support them to make a difference above and beyond their day job. Make workplace giving, fundraising, skilled volunteering and team volunteering a pillar of your company culture with our technology solutions.

Enhanced Engagement

Research consistently proves that community giving and volunteering programs increase the commitment, affinity, and engagement of employees. This in turn enhances productivity through inspiring high performance, reduces turnover and lowers absenteeism, and ultimately benefits your bottom line.


GoodCompany’s Workplace Giving Platform is proven to enhance engagement and employee net promoter scores.

Attraction & Retention

80% of Millennials want to work for a company that cares about how it impacts and contributes to society. A strong culture of giving and purpose is attractive, enhances your employer brand, and motivates top candidates to apply.

GoodCompany’s Workplace Giving Platform is built to help attract the best and brightest to work for your company.


Volunteering gives employees a chance to connect outside the office, work in diverse teams and contribute to a common purpose. It’s no wonder that volunteering positively impacts happiness and self-esteem.

Charity Gift Cards

Buy a Charity Gift Card today for your staff, stakeholders, customers or friends. It’s the perfect gift for:

  • Staff incentives and rewards
  • Thank you gifts
  • Staff birthdays and work anniversaries
  • Community service awards
  • Referral and loyalty gifts
  • Prizes and competitions

Cards can be sent via email, print, post or you can simply order the charity gift codes and create your own bespoke branded cards.  And all cards are 100% tax deductible.

Redeem a Charity Gift Card to your favourite charities and projects. There are literally 100’s of charities and 1000’s of projects to choose from.

If you find a project or charity that is above the value of the card, then you can “top up” the donation and receive a tax deduction for the difference paid.

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Go save the world!


Real Time Reporting
Stakeholders, including current and prospective employees, investors and your customers, want to know about how you make the world a better place. With GoodCopmany you can easily measure and report on your social impact with 24/7 real-time reports detailing staff participation, dollars donated, hours volunteered and charities supported.
Simple Payroll and Systems Integration
Our secure streamlined donation process minimises administration for payroll teams and integrates with SAP, Empower, Oracle, SQL and other payroll systems. Payroll only have to make one payment to one charity, once a month. We will take care of the rest.

Plus our SSO (Single Sign On) technology via SAML and OKTA make it easier than ever before for your people to give their Time, Talent and Treasure.
Resources and Consulting
We share our experience of working with top employers to create a range of resources to help you run meaningful and impactful giving programs. We also offer tailored consulting to organisations who want to increase their impact through strategic CSR programs.
Your company will benefit
from being a Good Company.