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2018 – off to a cracking start

Just a quick note to share some good news and updates…

  1. 2018 Corporate Roundtables date confirmed. Please SAVE THE DATESydney April 17th  (9-2pm), Brisbane April 19th (9-2pm) and Melbourne April 23rd (9-2pm). Venues and Agenda TBC but if you have burning topics (eg. Volunteer insurance, customer giving, shared values, SDG reporting, intercompany volunteering) please email me and we’ll add it.

  2. Welcome aboard NBNCO as our latest partner and HESTA who are launching next month.

  3. Congratulations to Origin Energy – the first to reach the GC $2 Million Club Who’ll be next? Optus is on $1,639,581 and IAG is just ahead at $1,849,265 – the race is on!

  4. Hooray for IAG – tomorrow they’ll be our 2nd partner to switch to Single Sign On making donating and volunteering faster and easier than ever!

  5. Volunteering – speaking of volunteering…shortly you’ll see some small but significant changes to the volunteer journey. So, instead of asking volunteers to add ALL of their information before applying, we’ll only ask for the one or two bits of information that are relevant to the role. Yippee!

  6. Sponsorshops –  as part of our mission to connect those who can give with those in need we’ve launched a sponsorship marketplace connecting sponsors to sponsees. Outside of work, you may have a local sports club or school fete looking for sponsorship. Hopefully this tool can help. And inside of work, this tool may be of interest to your Sponsorship or Local Area Marketing Department. Either way, happy to help one and all. Please feel free to call and we can discuss further.

  7. Last but certainly not least – Dashboards and Badges– having revamped Fundraising last year and seen a 330% increase in donations, over the next 6 months we’re on mission to take our platform to the NEXT LEVEL. We’re embracing fresh new designs, tools and motivational badges to help guide and motivate your staff and stakeholders to reach their potential.

Stay tuned for next Major Release – April 2018.

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