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Choose to re-use this Chooseday - 7th Feb 2023

Did you catch this headline over the weekend? The story is about the colossal failure of the REDcycle national recycling scheme which continues to unfold. Just last week four new warehouses were found across Melbourne filled with soft plastic. This takes the total waste found to 12,400 tonnes in 32 locations across three states.

This is the equivalent of 2 billion bags.Or around 80 bags for every single Australian.

Horrifying right?

That's why we've dedicated this Chooseday to Choose to re-use.


So let's start with the simple stuff.

  • Reusable shopping bags

  • Reusable coffee cups.

  • Reusable straws, water bottle and sandwich bags

And then let's get creative!

Isn't it wonderful to think that in a world of limited resources, we still have an unlimited imagination? And the more we choose to re-use, the better the world will be.

If this has you feeling inspired to support organisations that help protect our natural environment; then feel free to take a look around.

And remember this Valentines Day, don't choose a gift that ends up in landfill...

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