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Chooseday 25th July - Choose to be Plastic Free!

Good Morning,

Happy Chooseday! As we welcome another beautiful Chooseday, we’re taking a stand for a cause that impacts us all – Plastic Pollution. Did you know that worldwide, we produce over 300 million tons of plastic each year, half of which is designed for single use? And approximately 8 million pieces of plastic find their way into our oceans daily. This Chooseday, we’re challenging you to be plastic free. Join us in our commitment to 'Plastic Free July'.

Plastic Free July isn't just about one month; it's about starting habits that will continue for a lifetime. From grocery shopping to personal care, small changes in our daily routines can add up to a large difference in reducing plastic waste.

Here are a few tips to kickstart your plastic-free journey:

  1. Carry Reusable Bags and Bottles: Choose to bring your own reusable bags when shopping and invest in a sturdy reusable water bottle. By saying no to single-use plastic bags and bottles, you can significantly reduce your plastic waste footprint.

  2. Opt for Sustainable Alternatives: Choose to replace single-use plastic items with sustainable alternatives. Swap plastic straws for reusable ones made of metal or bamboo, use beeswax wraps instead of cling film, and choose eco-friendly packaging options when purchasing products.

  3. Support Plastic-Free Brands: Choose to support brands that prioritize sustainability and offer plastic-free alternatives. Look for products with minimal or compostable packaging, refillable options, or those made from recycled materials. By voting with your wallet, you can encourage more companies to adopt eco-conscious practices.

  4. Spread Awareness and Educate Others: Choose to spread awareness about plastic pollution and inspire others to join the plastic-free movement. Share information, tips, and success stories on social media, host educational workshops, or organize community clean-up events. Together, we can amplify our impact and create a wave of change.

Covering more than 70 percent of the planet, the ocean is the largest, most important ecosystem on Earth. Up to 130,000 tonnes of plastic will find its way into our waterways and into the ocean each year in Australia alone. Plastic pollution is killing wildlife and marine life, devastating oceans and threatening the health of our planet.

Donating to Take 3 For The Sea helps us to remove rubbish and plastic from the environment through clean-ups, education programs and international #Take3fortheSea campaigns.

Through education that encourages participation, Take 3 is leading a movement of people who are connected to the planet to remove plastic pollution from the environment and support measures to prevent waste and pollution. Help them reach their goal of educating 1 MILLION school children and removing 50 MILLION pieces of litter from our oceans and waterways by 2025. Thank you for choosing to do good this Chooseday. Giving Solutions, the GoodCompany team.

Know someone who will benefit from a Chooseday mindset?

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