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Chooseday 5th September - Choose to Save our Koalas!

Good Morning,

Happy Chooseday!

This September, let's make a difference for our furry friends as we embrace 'Save the Koala' month with WIRES Wildlife Rescue. 🐨🌿

WIRES is Australia’s largest rescue organisation and has been rescuing and caring for sick, orphaned and injured wildlife for over 35 years. WIRES responds to over 180,000 calls each year, the vast majority relating to native animals in life-threatening situations. In the past year they’ve also responded to over 600 koalas in distress.

With more than 1,900 Australian species now threatened and at risk of extinction, including koalas, every native animal that is released back into the wild is critical to the future survival of their species. Every act of kindness can be a lifeline for these precious creatures.

September is ‘Save the Koala’ month and there are many ways you can help WIRES support our native koalas! Here’s what you can do:

🌟 Donate: Help WIRES respond to thousands of native animals in danger every year, including around 600 desperate koalas. Your contribution makes an immediate impact. Just $60 can feed a koala joey for a month, giving them strength for their journey back to the wild. To make a donation, please visit - Good Company - WIRES Wildlife Rescue 🌱 Fundraise: Get together with your work mates and start saving lives! Host bake sales, challenges, or donation drives. $2,500 can cover a full-time emergency responder for a fortnight, critical to WIRES' rescue missions. Each responder is vital to the success of our emergency response. Their expertise and knowledge help us save native animals like koalas in dire situations. 🦘Workplace Giving: A little contribution each pay makes a massive difference for native animals. When you join WIRES Workplace Givers, you’ll receive special monthly updates on the rescues that you’re helping make happen, including some special koala rescue stories! Just $30 can help WIRES respond to an urgent call, rescue a native animal in distress and provide long term care. 🌺 Wildlife Garden: As valuable habitat for our native wildlife decreases, more and more of our native birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs are moving into urban areas. The problem is that very few of our urban areas provide a suitable habitat for many, if any, of these creatures, so it’s fantastic when people want to make their gardens and yards wildlife friendly. Find tips on the WIRES website.

Every choice you make matters.

Meet this young koala...

“Recently, the young koala above needed our urgent assistance. He was sick and lethargic and had suspected cystitis. He was lodged high in a tree between two suburban roads. After a critical alert was sent from our Wildlife Rescue Office, the koala was rescued, and transported in our Wildlife Ambulance for swift medical care. When he was eventually deemed healthy he was released by WIRES into suitable bushland to call home. He’s now fully-fit and back in the wild, a healthy young male critical to the survival of this now endangered species.”

– WIRES Wildlife Rescue

To support koalas and other wildlife in need, visit WIRES on GoodCompany and be a part of the shared mission. P.S. If you spot an injured native animal, call WIRES at 13 000 WIRES or report it here. Cheers to doing good, one Chooseday at a time!

Giving Solutions, the GoodCompany team.

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