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Chooseday 9th January - Choose to do more in 2024!

Good Morning,

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Chooseday of 2024! 🎉

As we step into this fresh new year, let's embrace the boundless opportunities and make a pledge: Choose to Do More! This year, let's not just dream big; let's act big. It's time to amplify our efforts, spread more joy, and make a significant impact. 

✨ Let's rally together to make "Choose to Do More" our collective mantra, transforming dreams into vivid realities!

Why Choose to Do More?

  • More Adventures: Say yes to new experiences, travel to unexplored places, or simply try something out of your comfort zone. Adventures await!

  • More Quality Time: Prioritize moments with friends and family. Cherish these relationships and create lasting memories together.

  • More Community Support: Extend a helping hand. Whether it's local initiatives or global causes, your support can change lives.

  • More Laughter: Life is short. Laugh loudly, smile broadly, and share joy wherever you go.

  • More Volunteering: Dedicate your time, skills, and energy to volunteering. Every moment you give helps create a better world.

  • More Sustainable Choices: Opt for sustainable shopping, reduce waste, and make environmentally friendly decisions.

  • More You: Embrace your uniqueness, share your talents, and be proud of who you are.

Choose to do more with GoodCompany

This Chooseday, let's not just think about doing more; let's take action. You can donate to a charity, fundraise for a cause, or volunteer for a charity right here on GoodCompany. Every contribution counts, and together, we can create waves of change.

Here are 3 amazing $5 projects you can contribute to today:

  1. Aboriginal Literacy Foundation:👉 Equip the next generation with the tools of knowledge. Your $5 can light up the path of learning and literacy.

  2. Thread Together:👉 Fashion a better future with just $5. Provide dignity, choice, and warmth with a new wardrobe for someone facing adversity.

  3. Kids Helpline:👉 In just 5 minutes, your $5 can turn tears into hope. Be the listening ear that guides a young soul to safety and understanding.

Do More with Workplace Giving

Speaking of doing more in 2024, why not amplify your impact by encouraging workplace giving, donating, and fundraising in your workplace?

💪 Engage your colleagues, foster a culture of giving, and together make a substantial difference. Book a GoodCompany demo today and discover how easy it is to integrate meaningful philanthropy into your workplace.

Let's do more good at work and multiply the waves of change!

Let's Lift Each Other Up!

As we dive into 2024, remember: every little action counts. Whether it's through laughter, volunteering, or a small donation, you have the power to make a significant difference. Let's lift each other up and collectively choose to do more this year!

Share your stories, progress, and smiles with us by tagging @goodcompanyau. Let's fill this year with action, kindness, and an abundance of positive energy! 🌟 Here's to a year of more laughter, more growth, and more love. Let's do this, one inspiring Chooseday at a time!

Cheers to growth and happiness,

GoodCompany Team.

P.S. Remember, 'more' doesn't mean being overwhelmed. It means being more engaged, more present, and more fulfilled. Let's make 2024 a year of meaningful abundance! 🚀💖

Know someone who will benefit from a Chooseday mindset?


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