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Chooseday Ep 12: Choose to Listen - June 7th, 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

If you can't give anything today, give your listening ear.

If you've been reading these Chooseday Emails, thank you, you're awesome.

You also probably know by now that we're all about making Giving easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

But sometimes, it's hard to give to others because we're strapped for time and money ourselves. So for today, let's choose to Listen. It's free and always appreciated.

The difference between hearing and listening

Listening describes an intentional activity. When you are listening, you are actively trying to hear something. In contrast, hearing is something that happens without any intentional effort. You can hear something even when you don't want to or try... (like when someone is nagging you for the umpteenth time!)

When we actively listen, we're giving our time and empathy at no cost. We're helping someone else feel better and even improve their health. This is an important skill at the workplace and charities. Just like listening to customers and stakeholders help a company understand the market better, charities that listen to their donors gives them a better insight into how to better engage and inspire them to support their causes. This article explains the different types of listening that benefit both funders and non profits alike.

Charities and organisations that Listen and Change Lives

When life gets overwhelming for some, there are plenty of charities that are committed not only to listening to those that need help, but offer help. Learn more about these organisations through our platform or donate to their cause.


You spoke, We Listened. Chooseday Webinar-Podcasts will be pre-recorded for a more enjoyable listening experience!

With more than 1800 charities on our platform, we want to give each one of them an opportunity to be featured on our Chooseday Podcasts-Webinars.

Henceforth, the sessions will be pre-recorded moving forward.

This will enable more charities to share with more people about the good work they do.

It will also ease the constraints of time and date involved with live recordings. We're offering more convenience for charities and our audience to participate at times that are most convenient for them.

If you're a charity, simply email your interest to Once we've scheduled a convenient time to record, we'll send you a couple of questions for guidance and look forward to speaking with you!

Watch some of our previous live sessions here.


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