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Chooseday Ep 13: Choose to Give Blood - June 14th, 2022

Giving your blood... it's a selfless act that will save lives.

Safe blood giving is essential for helping people of all ages who suffer from diseases, disasters and accidents. World Blood Donor Day aims to raise global awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products for transfusion.

If you're a regular blood donor, today also highlights the critical contribution that unpaid blood donors make to national health systems.

Australians are urged to donate blood as we need 33,000 donations every week.

1 in 3 people will need blood.

Your friends, neighbours, teammates, family.

Australia needs 1 donation every 18 seconds.

(Source: Australian Red Cross, Lifeblood)

Some individuals may not be able to donate blood for medical and personal reasons, but they can also choose to support blood donation initiatives in different ways. As it's also tax time, donating more than $2 before June 30th is claimable on your tax return.

We have a number of causes on our platform that need your help today.

If you like numbers and um, blood, you're going to love these facts. If you don't, they're blood-y fascinating anyway!

  • You manufacture 17 million red blood cells per second. Under stress, your body can produce up to 7 times that amount. (That’s119 million red blood cells per second!)

  • There are 150 Billion red blood cells in one ounce of blood.

  • There are 2.4 Trillion red blood cells in one pint of blood.

  • It takes 20-60 seconds for a drop of blood to travel from the heart, through your body, and back to the heart again.

  • Blood isn't always red. Crabs have blue blood. Earthworms and leeches have green blood. Many invertebrates like starfish, have clear or yellowish blood. Lovely!


Thank you to all the amazing charities who asked to be featured on our new pre-recorded Chooseday Podcast-Webinars! We'll be in touch with you soon. If you're a business or donor and want to see your favourite charity featured on the show, please reach out to us and get the charity connected to more people who are ready to support their cause too.

With more than 1800 charities on our platform, we want to give each one of them an opportunity to be featured on our Chooseday Podcasts-Webinars.

Henceforth, the sessions will be pre-recorded moving forward.

This will enable more charities to share with more people about their their impact.

If you're a charity or know of one who wants to be part of the show, email us at

We'll send you a couple of questions for guidance then schedule a convenient time to record and look forward to speaking with you!

Watch some of our previous live sessions here.


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