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Chooseday Ep 14: Choose to Donate - June 12st, 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Did you know that you can claim every donation you make as long as it's above $2 to a DGR registered charity? A tax-deductible gift or donation reduces your taxable income meaning you'll get back a percentage of the donation.

Sure feels good making a difference and dreading tax time a little less.

Better yet, if there's a special occasion coming up before June 30th and you're not sure what to give, why not Choose to give a Charity Gift Card? You choose the amount on the gift card, your recipient chooses who they want to donate that amount to and you get more tax back.

GoodCompany Charity Gift Card


Want to share with the world about the Good work you do?

Here's some Good news for you!

With more than 1800 charities on our platform, we want to give each one of them an opportunity to be featured on our Chooseday Podcasts-Webinars.

Henceforth, the sessions will be pre-recorded moving forward.

This will enable more charities to connect with more people and corporates.

If you're a charity or know of one who wants to be part of the show, email us at

We'll send you a couple of questions for guidance then schedule a convenient time to record and look forward to speaking with you!

Watch some of our previous live sessions here.

Thank you to all the amazing charities who asked to be featured on our new pre-recorded Chooseday Podcast-Webinars! We'll be in touch with you soon.


Subscribe to GoodCompany's Youtube Channel for your monthly (soon to be more frequently) doses of goooodness.


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