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Chooseday Ep 19: Choose to Understand - July 26th 2022

Good Morning friend,

Thanks for choosing to start your Tuesday with a Chooseday mindset. We're observing “International Day of Friendship” on Saturday (July 30th), a day to encourage forming bonds of friendships between people of different cultures and backgrounds. It is often that fostering such relationships begins with understanding others. In reality though, how many times do we find ourselves coming to our own conclusions about what others are sharing with us? It's only natural because our own thoughts and experiences determine how we see and understand the world. But then we form our own biases which can lead to misunderstanding. Taking time to understand others can strengthen relationships, improve business and our careers, thus enriching our lives. This is so important because it's almost like we forgot how to listen, to commit our time with others, to truly get to know and understand other people. So the next time your friend, colleague, partner or child needs you, clear out the distractions and practice some mindfulness to give them 100% of your time. I've made it a point in my day as well because listening to understand someone helps me to learn new things too! Let's make every day a Day of Friendship where we Choose to understand with open ears and an open heart.

... Happy Chooseday,


When understanding and friendship go hand-in-hand A big part of understanding comes from just listening without judgement. These charities continuously support those in need in through understanding, listening and helping.

Understanding autism

Yellow Ladybugs is committed to being part of the growing conversation around the specific challenges and support needs of autistic girls and women. As an autistic-led organisation, they listen to understand all autistic women to help amplify their voices.

Fancy a Chat?

If you want to volunteer with non-crisis support with active listening and empathy skills, Friends for Good needs you. It is a volunteer driven not-for-profit organisation which provides a national, free, anonymous phone service that aims to alleviate loneliness. Your help will meet the demand for FriendLine by having a friendly chat over the telephone with callers, talking about everyday topics.

Understanding oneself is important

The Aboriginal Girls’ Circle (AGC) is a NAPCAN program that aims to increase social connection, participation and self- confidence amongst Aboriginal girls attending secondary schools. The program provides a space where the girls can develop and learn awareness and understanding of their social and emotional needs and skills.


Let's make our communities greener this National Tree Day (Sunday, July 31st)

Our friends at Planet Ark say that there are plenty of ways for us to be involved in greening our community and making a difference to our neighbourhoods. If the weather's looking great where you're at, come participate in the various community planting events near your area!


Know someone who wants to participate in making the world a better place with Choosedays? Forward them this email or show them all the good things happening on Choosedays!

Workplace Giving Program - Quick Links

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