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Chooseday Ep 2: Choose Happiness - March 24th, 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Here’s your 30 second hack to make a powerful impact…

10-30 seconds: Generate a doing good thought and just like that - your stress levels will decrease and you’ll feel happier. 30-60 seconds: Harness this mindset, you become a leader for change as it reflects in your behaviour towards others. 60 - 90 seconds: You start producing an incredible “Ripple Effect” where your good thoughts lead to great actions that influences others in a positive way.

When you think good, you’ll naturally do good and you become good company

for yourself and those around you.

If thinking about doing good makes you feel better, imagine how much more happy we’ll be if we did something simple like helping someone? When you know you’ve made someone’s life better, you build strong integrity and a great sense of purpose. Nothing can rain on your parade when you have these qualities! Whether you’re having a good or bad day, lending a helping hand is guaranteed to lift your moods. If you want to support your favourite charity or gift someone the opportunity to help their charity, get a charity gift card on our platform.


PODCAST - APRIL 5th! Listen at lunch: Conservation Volunteers Australia

We’re excited to learn more about CVA’s good work as they endeavour to create a world where people and nature can live harmoniously together. Learn how you can play a critical part in this national organisation’s mission to re-balance nature for a stronger and more resilient future. Join us on April 5th at 12.30pm with Patrick O’Callaghan, CVA’s executive manager, campaigns and partnerships.


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