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Chooseday Ep 24: Choose Love - August 30th 2022

We love that you're choosing to start your Tuesday with a Chooseday mindset.

The love that we learn about through movies is often filled with elation, lust, desire and hot burning passion.... All those feelings are amazing as our bodies are producing lighting bolts of hormones that propel us to Cloud 9 - such as when we "fall in love" with someone new. But there's more to love than just feeling the butterflies in our stomachs (try explaining that to most teenagers!) It all starts with love for ourselves. If we can't accept and love ourselves, we won't have the capacity to appreciate and love others. There's a saying "You can't pour from an empty cup" or when in an airplane, they instruct you to put the mask on yourself first before doing it for someone else - these ring true when we want to help and give to others. We must first be filled with self-love and only then can we truly give ourselves to others. Love also comes in many forms - 8 to be exact according to the Ancient Greeks. But the most purest and beautiful of them all is unconditional love (Agape) like a mother's love to her children or for some who believe in God's unconditional love for the world. Without sounding too cheesy, we're all hopeless romantics for all things good and kind. When we give or help others, we are not only feeling love, but are demonstrating and living it. We start to inspire others to want to make a positive difference in society - what goes around comes around! Hope you'll LOVE this Chooseday Episode!


Dads teach us many things, but the real lesson is Love.

Sunday, September 4th is Father's Day and we want to celebrate with all dads, dads to be and dads who are no longer with us. There are many charities that support fathers and their children all year round, so we want to share more about the amazing work they do.

Mentoring Men

Every man can benefit from having a Mentor, a bloke who will be there to listen and support them in their life journey. Mentoring Men's focus is life mentoring. Women are amongst the organisation's most proactive supporters to encourage their menfolk to find out the one-on-one life mentoring programs either as a Mentee or to become a volunteer Mentor.

Supporting dads doing it tough

This charity engages its community to help families who may be struggling or have been affected by war, illness, crime, drug and alcohol abuse or poverty. One of their many current projects is supporting single dads to help them get through as they look for employment. Other people this foundation lends a hand to are those who are disabled, have mental health issues, are unemployed for long periods and resettling to normal life after time in prison.

Helping dads and families of Indigenous communities

With just a $50 donation, you can provide a fuel voucher for a struggling family, a dad needing to get to work or a farming family in need. Many remotely located people miss vital medical appointments because they can’t fill their car. Your generosity will go a long way by giving a cleaning pack to a young family or an organisation supporting Indigenous communities.


The ultimate gift of love for dad - Charity Gift Card!

Get dad something truly special this Father's Day

Instead of getting dad another mug, shirt, shaver kit or car model why not get him a Charity Gift Card? It's environmentally friendly, you nominate the donation amount and dad chooses the charity to donate the amount to. There's no better and more fulfilling way to show dad your love by giving him something meaningful so that he can support the causes that matter most to him.


Thank you to the 40+ charities who attended our first Charity Event

on August 25th!

While we're always striving to give our corporates the best workplace giving experience through our platform, we also wanted to know how we could improve our services to charities. Thank you to all the wonderful charities braved the wintery wet weather and joined us for a productive and fulfilling morning. We enjoyed our conversations and brainstorming about all things fundraising, volunteering and donating.

Stay tuned for further event news and updates!


Know someone who wants to participate in making the world a better place with Choosedays? Forward them this email or show them all the good things happening on Choosedays!

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