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Chooseday Ep 27: Choose to Remember - September 20th, 2022

Thank you for remembering to choose to start your Tuesday with a Chooseday mindset.

Our brains are truly remarkable as they are able to store around 2.5 petabytes (or a million gigabytes) of memory! So if our brains were like television digital recorders, 2.5 petabytes would be enough to hold three million hours of TV shows. Can you even Brain that!? In other words, we have an almost infinite capacity for memory. The beautiful thing about our memories is that they play a crucial role in forming our personality, giving us a sense of what the world around us is like. So everything that we remember - events that made us happy, sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed and confused - all form who and what we are today. We're also choosing to remember that tomorrow (Wednesday, September 21st), is World Alzheimer's Day, an international effort for individuals to organisations to raise awareness and challenge the stigma surrounding Alzheimer’s disease and all types of dementia - memory loss-related diseases. Thank you for remembering to read today's Chooseday email.


Let's remember to support and check out the charities on our platform that help people living with memory loss disorders like Dementia diseases and Alzheimer's disease


Understanding memory loss and Dementia

Dementia is a memory loss disease that affects 487,500 Australians to date.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that the disease is the second leading cause of death accounting for 14,500 deaths (or 9.6% of all deaths). After coronary heart disease, dementia was the leading cause of death for women and the second leading cause for men.

We spoke to Dementia Australia about their good work to help people live with the disease and navigate their course for a better quality life.

Know someone who wants to participate in making the world a better place with Choosedays? Forward them this email or show them all the good things happening on Choosedays!

Workplace Giving Program - Quick Links

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