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Chooseday Ep 28: Choose Wisdom- September 27th, 2022

Thank you for choosing to start your Tuesday with a Chooseday mindset.

Choosing wisdom is a pretty big ask. But it isn't about knowing it all and having an answer for everything, rather, it's about appreciating the wisdom we've acquired to this day. Our wisdom is developed through experience and age and we feel grateful to be able to experience our life events (good and bad) as learning experiences that give us both resilience and wisdom. Why is having and appreciating wisdom so important? Obviously being wise prevents us from doing or saying things that have negative consequences and steers us towards making the right decisions. Do you also notice that a lot of older people love giving advice? They enjoy sharing their experiences and it's often a pleasure to listen and learn from them. With this in mind, we're celebrating International Day of Older Persons on October 1st which is a day for all of us to appreciate the contributions that older people make to society. If we are willing, we can "shortcut" our way to achieving wisdom by: 1. Trying new things - It creates experiences and new perspectives. 2. Talk to strangers - No stranger danger here, but getting to know others and their experiences is a fulfilling way to help us understand things better and builds empathy - an important component of wisdom. 3. Take a risk - Of course, make it calculated and don't go jumping off a cliff without a harness. But allowing ourselves to take risks and possibly failing will teach us invaluable lessons. Some win, some learn! 4. Share your wisdom - Instead of telling others what to do, inspire them to be better people by sharing your experiences. We have the power and influence to help others become more forgiving, kind and thoughtful as long as we possess the same attributes - lead by example. Thank you for your wisdom.


In line with choosing and appreciating wisdom, let's choose to appreciate the wisdom of older people and the contributions they make to society.

International Day of Older Persons (October 1st), is celebrated to raise awareness about issues affecting the elderly, such as neglect and elder abuse. Check out some charities and good causes that support and help older people navigate through their senior years.

They say that wisdom can be pursued by walking with wise teachers and there's no better time than now to do that, with World's Teacher's Day happening on October 5th. It's a global initiative by UNESCO and Education International (EI) that helps all of us better understand teachers and the role they play in the development of students and society. Here are some charities that support teachers, education and learning for us to learn more about and gain wisdom from.


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