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Chooseday Ep 9: Choose to Volunteer - May 17th 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

We celebrated National Volunteer Week and here are 4 simple ways you can still join in the fun of helping those in need!

1. Thank a volunteer or someone who's doing good in the community.

2. Check if your workplace offers a paid leave day to volunteer.

3. Find a volunteer role here and apply for it (use your heart and mind)!

4. Find out more or book a ride with our new Volunteer Mystery Bus for you and your team (we'll organise everything!)

Leading environmental behaviour change

We joined the conversation with Planet Ark, an Australian organisation that helps people, businesses and governments reduce their impact on the environment. If you're passionate about Climate Action which is Goal #13 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, watch or listen to the Webinar-Podcast now.


May 16th - We launched our Volunteer Mystery Bus!

Driving Change to take Corporate Team Volunteering to the next level

National Volunteer Week began with the GoodCompany Volunteer Mystery Bus that took a team of 10 corporate staff to a charity where they helped for the day. Then it was off to the launch at the Posh Opp Shoppe in Glen Huntly where MPs and candidates for the City of Goldstein joined us to share the good news about volunteering and giving back. The Bus facilitated over 900 hours of collective volunteering during the week!

We believe that helping those in need should be provided all year around. Team volunteering is also a fantastic and effective way to build strong team morale and wellbeing while encouraging your people to come back to the office.


Know someone who wants to participate in making the world a better place with Choosedays? Forward them this email or show them all the good things happening on Choosedays!

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