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Chooseday Ep 11: Choose to QUIT! - May 31st, 2022

This Chooseday, let's QUIT the things that prevent us from moving forward. We all want to achieve good things, but don't like to admit that our habits and addictions hinder us from becoming the best versions of ourselves. Whether it's smoking, alcohol, negative self-talk, procrastination or sleeping too late, many of us can get ahead if we choose to quit whatever's holding back today. It's not easy quitting something we find comfort or familiarity in, but here are two ways to help us: 1. Focus on why you want to quit: Write a list of the positive changes you'll experience once you quit. Place that list on your workstation or in a highly visible area so you can see it frequently. It'll help to refresh and inspire your mind on why you want to make the change. 2. Replace the current habit with a different one: Instead of reaching out for that cigarette or chocolate when you're stressed, walk around the block or help someone. The latter immediately makes you feel super good about yourself because you're making a difference in the lives of others.

Quitting Tobacco on World No Tobacco Day

If you find it hard to quit smoking, today could be the day to just do it because it's World No Tobacco Day! It's a movement that aims to inform the public about the dangers of using tobacco and the business practices of tobacco companies. Organisations like Tobacco Free Portfolios is putting tobacco-free finance on the agenda. Tobacco exclusions are considered a fundamental step on the journey to integrate sustainability, responsibility and transparency for mainstream businesses.

Need help quitting the hard stuff?

If you need support to harmful habits or if you want to help others, you can access the various resources on our platform. Quitting substances like alcohol and drugs is the first step towards a healthier and happier outlook. It shouldn't be a solo journey as there's plenty of support available.

Move Aside, Netflix!

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Never Fear. The GoodCompany Vounteer Mystery Bus is Here!

After taking 30 volunteers to more than three charities during National Volunteer Week, the feedback was 83% of our clients' understanding and empathy of others increased by 100%. Motivation and awareness of social issues increased by over 83%. Let's help you easily boost employee engagement and team morale in just one day by taking them to the areas of greatest need and making a lasting positive impact. We'll organise the day for you and your corporate teams (including OH&S).


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