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Chooseday Ep 4: Choose Sleep - April 12th, 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

We're choosing sleep because we want to share good messages to help bring out our best through kindness for others and for ourselves.

We cannot provide if our rest is compromised.

Let's make it a pact to sleep better tonight. Turn off our devices, read a book or listen to calming music at least half an hour before we hit the sack.

It's also not just us that need a better night's sleep. To support the Homeless and those doing it tough to get a better night's sleep, click here.

If you must stay awake for those few moments in the day, try this...

Inspo for your week!

April is stress awareness month and we can do ourselves a favour by taking

a breather because honestly, we're all stressed to some degree!

One fantastic way to decrease stress is to give the gift of giving with charity gift cards to someone. You'll experience the euphoria of making someone's day AND giving them the opportunity to help a cause that they're passionate about.


PODCAST - APRIL 5th! Listen at lunch: Conservation Volunteers Australia

We’re excited to learn more about CVA’s good work as they endeavour to create a world where people and nature can live harmoniously together. Learn how you can play a critical part in this national organisation’s mission to re-balance nature for a stronger and more resilient future. Join us on April 5th at 12.30pm with Patrick O’Callaghan, CVA’s executive manager, campaigns and partnerships.


Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) needs your help on April 23

Our disposed plastic and litter are endangering and threatening our marine life.

CVA is looking for volunteers to join them on April 23 on their National Day of Action, #SeaToSource. Come and help combat the source of plastic and litter before it enters our oceans, a problem that's 100% solvable.

Enjoy a fun day of helping, entertainment and various activities to learn more about your local environmental community projects and how your help will go a long way.

Last week on the Choosedays podcast and webinar, we spoke to CVA's EM Campaigns & Engagement, Patrick O'Callaghan on how crucial it is to find and clean waste from the source before it enters our oceans.

Click here to learn more and support this charity.


Know someone who wants to participate in making the world a better place with Choosedays? Forward them this email or show them all the good things happening on Choosedays!

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