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GoodCompany Announces the Best Workplaces to Give Back in 2023!

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

GoodCompany, Australia's leading platform for workplace giving, volunteering, and charity support, has today announced the winners of its annual Top 40 Best Workplaces to Give Back – with first place this year being taken out by Origin Energy, followed by Mirvac, Accenture, Teachers Mutual Bank and Optus.

This national award recognises organisations that excel in providing the purposeful perks that workers want including unlimited paid volunteer leave and open choice payroll giving with uncapped matched donations. The best performing organisations also have community sponsorships and take action on important issues with Reconciliation Action Plans, diversity programs, renewable energy targets and public commitments to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

CEO of GoodCompany Ash Rosshandler said that companies were increasingly recognising the growing number of employees looking for meaningful jobs that offer a variety of pro-social initiatives to help people make real impact and feel a greater sense of purpose through their work.

“Encouraging employees to support causes that they’re passionate about can have a huge, positive impact on morale and culture while bolstering a company’s employee value proposition,” said Mr Rosshandler. “What makes this year’s list standout is that it’s taken place against the backdrop of significant cost-of-living pressures and rising demand1 for support from charities and the community sector, especially from vulnerable Australians who we know are often most affected. Congratulations to Origin and all other winners for their commendable work supporting your people to give back and make a difference in communities this year,” he said.

Origin CEO Frank Calabria was humbled to receive the Award on behalf of the organisation.

“I’m incredibly proud of our people’s continuing commitment to giving their time, skills and expertise to support communities and help improve the lives of young Australians through their work at Origin and the opportunities presented through the Origin Energy Foundation.”

- Frank Calabria , CEO, Origin.

In a significant advancement from previous years, GoodCompany utilised artificial intelligence to determine this year's rankings. Companies were assessed based on their comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and initiatives that empower their staff to contribute positively to the community. The evaluation factors included the extent of volunteer leave, the budget allocated towards volunteering, payroll and matched donations, and various other pro-social policies and programs.

Key Insights from 2023 Rankings:

1. Payroll Giving Trends: An uplifting trend was observed in companies supporting Payroll Giving, with numbers increasing from 23 in 2022 to 29 in 2023. Conversely, companies not offering this initiative dipped from 17 in 2022 to 13 in 2023. The data showcases a significant 26% increase in Payroll Giving in just a year.

2. Charity Choice Preferences: Data reveals a 7.58% increase in companies offering an "OPEN CHOICE" for charity support, taking the number from 50% in 2022 to 57.58% in 2023. In contrast, companies providing a "CLOSED CHOICE" experienced a decrease of 7.58%, moving from 50% in 2022 to 42.42% in 2023. This shift suggests companies are more inclined to provide their employees with the autonomy to select their charity of preference.

3. Reconciliation Action Plans: The commitment to reconciliation has witnessed a commendable increase. In 2023, the number of companies adopting or maintaining a Reconciliation Action Plan rose to 31, marking a 10.71% increase from 28 in 2022.

All winners of the 2023 Awards can be viewed at the following link:

About GoodCompany:

GoodCompany pioneers in connecting businesses with charitable organizations, fostering a culture of giving back. Through its innovative platform, GoodCompany assists corporations in amplifying their ESG and CSR efforts, ensuring a more substantial community impact.

For more information go to: or For story images/quotes contact:

Ash Rosshandler, CEO GoodCompany Australia and NZ Phone: 0414 400 445

[1] According to a report by ABC News (Charities struggle to survive rising costs, increasing demand, dwindling resources, Jess Davis, 22 April 2023), the demand for charity services in Australia has been increasing while donations are decreasing. The report highlights that charities are struggling to keep up with the rising costs and increasing demand for services, which is not being met with more funding or resources.

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