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Studies reveal volunteers give more. A lot more! Is your CSR program unleashing this potential?

Research released in the Giving Australia 2016 government report, the largest research into philanthropic behaviour, revealed that people who volunteer give nearly double the amount of money than non-volunteers.

GivingAustralia Report

The average donation amount of non-volunteers is $536.69 while people who both donate to charity and volunteer gave an average of $1,017.11. The difference is phenomenal and exhibits the power of the ‘engaged volunteer’.

As many of our corporate partners will know, running a robust giving program has many benefits including higher staff engagement, a strengthened employee value proposition and improved health and well-being. However, the primary purpose of a CSR program is to give back to the community, and we are often asked how to increase impact. The solution is simple.

Liberating the power of ‘engaged volunteers’ is an easy way for companies to do more good.

Businesses who implement a unified giving platform make it easy for staff to donate and volunteer in one place. In doing so, they unlock the powerful nexus between volunteering and donating. Imagine if all ‘engaged volunteers’ could give more through your workplace giving program? It would reach new heights, benefiting both your business and the community.

A unified giving platform lets you unlock the goodness of staff who want your endorsement and support to give more. Please get in touch to talk about how offering your staff volunteering, fundraising and donating opportunities can benefit your organisation.

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