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This Chooseday, Choose Ukraine

This Chooseday, we'd like you to choose Ukraine.

The children of Ukraine have now endured a year of violence, trauma, loss, destruction and displacement since the war escalated in February 2022. The country’s 7.8 million children have been robbed of 365 days of play, school memories, and time with friends and family. As we mark one year of devastation and displacement, it is children who are suffering the deadly consequences of this brutal war. In areas across eastern and southern Ukraine, children continue to be caught in the crossfire of ongoing hostilities, while schools, hospitals and homes continue to be damaged or destroyed.

The damage to vital infrastructure is impacting children and their community’s access to electricity, heating, water, sanitation and telecommunications. Without electricity, children are unable to keep warm during a bitterly cold winter where temperatures can drop below -20°C and children are unable to continue their online learning.

You can help deliver life-saving supplies like safe drinking water, warm clothes and learning materials to help Ukraine’s children rebuild their future. Please see UNICEF’s appeal page here to make a donation or start a fundraising page.

In addition to donating, GoodCompany has three more suggestions on how you could support Ukraine today.

Write to your elected representatives to express your support for Ukraine and encourage them to increase support for the country.

Educate yourself about Ukraine's history, culture, and current challenges. This will help you to better understand the country and its people, and to be a more effective advocate for Ukraine.

Support Ukrainian businesses and products. By choosing to buy Ukrainian-made goods, you can help to support the country's economy and its people.

Whatever action you choose to take, I hope you'll join me in supporting Ukraine today and every day.

Thank you for choosing to make a difference this Chooseday. Love from the team at GoodCompany

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