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Volunteer to download the COVIDSafe App this National Volunteering Week

Volunteer to download the COVIDSafe App

This weekend, I finally did it. I downloaded the COVIDSafe App. And 10 seconds later, I’ m one of over 5 million Australians to have the App. So, what got me over the line? National Volunteering Week

Ordinarily, as the CEO of GoodCompany we celebrate National Volunteer Week by encouraging great Australian companies to get together and volunteer as a team. The week is full of activities like planting trees, making lunches for kids in need, cleaning up animal shelters and more. Sadly, with restrictions in place, team volunteering is “on hold”.

But that does not mean that the spirit of volunteering, of wanting to use our lives and energy and do our bit to make a positive impact on the lives around us, is on hold. And that’s why I’ve downloaded the COVIDSafe App and I encourage others to volunteer to do the same.

“But what about the data and privacy risks?” I hear you say. Well, personally i don’t believe any expert who says any App is 100% safe from data and privacy risks. But in the spirit of volunteering I also know that when you go out and plant trees, you could get twist your ankle on a branch. Or when you chop up veggies for a soup kitchen, you could cut your finger. But the pros outweigh the cons. And the rewards outweigh the risks.

All that said, volunteering is personal. So some may read this and choose not to download the COVIDSafe App, and that’s cool.

But if you choose to put your hand up to volunteer to download the COVIDSafe App during National Volunteering Week it couldn’t be easier to do. Simply go to

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