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4 Reasons to Nominate Your Company as a Top Best Workplace to Give Back in 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Imagine if your company is seen as a change leader in your industry. You would come to work every day, proud to work with a purpose-driven business that gives back to its employees and the community.

This could be your reality if your company is one of the Top 40 Best Workplaces to Give Back.

Already in its 4th year running, the GoodCompany's Top 40 Best Workplaces to Give Back Award has helped companies of all sizes boost their credibility and enhance their brand image. Whether you’ve participated in previous years or if this is your first time hearing about it, this Award will make you and your company become the best among the rest. It's your time to shine with these 4 reasons to nominate your company as a Best Workplace to Give Back in 2022. 1. Your company will become irresistible to top talent With close to 8% of workers having resigned from their jobs in 2021 (Australian Bureau of Statistics -ABS), and a fifth of workers say they will quit in 2022 - we’re dealing with a very real talent drain. There are many ways to retain and engage your staff and one powerful strategy is to demonstrate that your company cares for their welfare and the greater good.

Engaging your people by collectively giving back through volunteering, fundraising, and donating helps increase engagement by giving them purpose and that they are part of something bigger.

A study found that when your employees are recognised for their overall contributions, it will boost their productivity by as much as 20%. This encourages their best performance which results in increased business and profitability. A happy and driven workforce will be living testimonials for your company as an employer of choice. Likewise in this rapidly moving job market, top candidates will see that your company is ranked as an exceptional and heart-driven workplace making your business more attractive to them. 2. Enhance your corporate image Companies that practice workplace giving see an improvement in their brand image that ultimately contributes to their brand equity. When you win accolades for your contributions to society, your business becomes highly visible to like-minded investors and potential clients. Being recognised as a Top 40 Best Workplace that Gives Back shows that you are an action-orientated company that aims to raise your profile and bring more conviction to your ESG practices. This increases shareholder value and is a stategic way to improve how the public, and most importantly, your employees, see you.

Check out the 2021 winners and the criteria they fulfilled to rank in the top 40.

3. Boost competition and business growth Winning or even ranking in an award shows that your company is satisfying the metrics that contribute to business growth - stakeholder satisfaction and workplace culture. A study found that large award winning companies experienced a 48% increase in income and 37% sales boost. For smaller companies, they could have a 63% increase in income with 39% growth in sales- compared to non winners. If you're a young and smaller company, winning an award will signal to the world that you've achieved an incredible milestone. Whereas for larger companies, winning awards will showcase your longevity and innovation.

It also promotes healhy competition outside and within the company.

Our own post-Awards survey showed that in 2018, 17.5% of companies offered Uncapped Matching for staff donations and 25% offered it in 2020.

Ultimately, you’re making waves in the market by rapidly increasing the credibility and positive public perception of your brand. Not only will you shake up the competition, but you will build a stronger and more supportive community who will continually root for you. 4. This Award is fast, free and easy Creating an award entry nomination can be time-consuming and expensive. There could be entry fees together with a long administrative process. If the award is held as an event, you'd be dealing with organising travel, hotel reservations and dining.

Entering your company into GoodCompany's Top 40 Best Workplaces to Give Back takes only 5 minutes, no travel or bookings are required and is 100% online.

It’s really a no-brainer. Just fill up the short questionnaire and you’ll be in the running to win this Award that will rank you as the best among the rest. 5. (Bonus reason!) You’ll get more opportunities for recognition while having fun The Winner will get a complimentary ride on the GoodCompany Volunteer Mystery Bus. You and your team of 10 corporate volunteers will be driven by this groovy bus to help in the area of greatest need for one day. One ride session is worth $2750. We believe in helping you add shared value to your workplace giving initiatives. 2022 is your time for your company to strut its Good stuff. If you think you have what it takes to drive and influence positive change, apply today! -

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