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50,000 people make a difference with GoodCompany

Giving back to the community is important. Intellectually, we all understand that being charitable is valuable and in fact, makes us better humans. However taking the next step to donate or volunteer is often something people put off; we have busy lives, are well intentioned, but overwhelmed.

We understand this and in fact, it’s why we exist. We know that people want to give and do the right thing. GoodCompany makes it quick and easy to find charities to connect with and impact in a meaningful way.

On Sunday, a man in Sydney named Alaric did just that. He took the time to make a difference.

We caught up with Alaric Murnain to learn about his story.

Alaric has worked at Optus for over eight years and is a Team Leader in Tech Support. Being more charitable has been on his mind for a while. However, like many people, he’d just not found the time.

Recently Alaric was speaking to his team about the virtues of giving back, knowing that Optus encourages their employees to volunteer, donate and fundraise, and generously matches their donations. Alaric decided that he should lead by example and joined yes4Good, the Optus branded GoodCompany platform.

When researching which charity to select for ongoing Workplace Giving donations, Alaric initially searched the platform by charities focussing on mental health. He eventually decided to support Very Special Kids each month through his pre-tax salary in honour of a family member who experienced ill health during their childhood.

While on the platform Alaric also investigated volunteering, wanting to use his professional background in coaching and goal setting to support a cause. Alaric found an opportunity with the Australian Business and Community Network and has volunteered as a corporate mentor for school students. Sessions will focus on goal setting, communication and preparation for the workforce, areas that Alaric is confident he will add value.

Today, we’d like to celebrate Alaric as he’s the 50,000th person to join GoodCompany! We are thrilled to have been able to connect 50,000 people who can give, with those in need. Congratulations to Alaric for your commitment to walking the talk and contributing to charity in a meaningful way.

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