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Chooseday 18th June - Choose to Welcome Refugees!

Good Morning,

🌟 Happy Chooseday! 🌟

This Chooseday, we are focusing on an incredibly important cause: supporting refugees. With World Refugee Week upon us, it's the perfect time to choose solidarity and compassion for those who have been forced to flee their homes. 💙

The theme for 2024, "For a World Where Refugees Are Welcomed," highlights the urgent need for us to open our hearts and doors to refugees.

Refugees need our solidarity now more than ever. Solidarity means keeping our doors open, celebrating their strengths and achievements, and reflecting on the challenges they face. It also means finding solutions to their plight – ending conflicts so they can return home in safety, ensuring they have opportunities to thrive in the communities that have welcomed them, and providing countries with the resources they need to include and support refugees. 🌍

World Refugee Day, designated by the United Nations, is observed every year on June 20th to honor the strength and courage of people who have been forced to flee their home country to escape conflict or persecution.

It's a day to build empathy and understanding for their plight and to recognize their resilience in rebuilding their lives. 💪

Every minute, 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution, or terror. There are several types of forcibly displaced persons, each with their own unique needs and stories. (United Nations, World Refugee Day, 2024).

This World Refugee Week, let's stand in solidarity with refugees and take action to support them. Here are several ways you can make a difference:

Support a host-guest introduction to provide a welcoming environment for refugees.

🍲 $35 to Act for Peace

Provide food for a refugee, ensuring they have the nourishment they need.

Fund attendance at a playgroup for refugee children, giving them a safe and nurturing space to learn and grow.

❄️ $95 to Australia for UNHCR

Provide a winter survival kit, helping refugees stay warm and safe during the harsh winter months.

Let's choose to support refugees this World Refugee Week. Together, we can create a world where refugees are not just welcomed but celebrated for their resilience and contributions. Your support can make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. 💖

Thank you for choosing to stand in solidarity with refugees. 🌟

Giving Solutions,

the GoodCompany team.

Know someone who will benefit from a Chooseday mindset?

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