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Chooseday 2nd July - Choose to Foster Animals!

Good Morning,

🌟 Happy Chooseday! Today, we’re focusing on a heartwarming cause that can make a big difference: Choose to Foster Animals! 🐾❤️

Did you know? According to Pet Welfare (2024), there are approximately 100,000 adoptable and treatable dogs and cats that are euthanized in pounds and shelters every year.

By fostering or adopting, you can provide these loving animals with a second chance at life.

🐶🐱 Not only will you be giving them a safe and loving home, but you'll also experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from caring for a furry friend.

So...Why Foster?

Fostering animals can be incredibly rewarding for several reasons:

  • Helps Shelters: Fostering alleviates overcrowding in shelters, giving more animals a chance to find permanent homes. 🏠

  • Temporary Commitment: It’s a great way to see if you’re ready for a permanent pet without a long-term commitment. 🐕

  • Socialization: Fostered animals often become more socialized and adoptable as they get used to living in a home environment. 🐈🏡

  • Personal Fulfillment: There’s immense joy in knowing you’ve made a significant difference in an animal’s life. 🥰

  • Support Network: Fostering can connect you with a community of fellow animal lovers and support from local shelters. 🤝

And... the best part is, you have the power to help!

🏠 Foster: Open your home temporarily to an animal in need. You'll provide them with love and care until they find their permanent home.

🐈 Adopt: Give a shelter animal a forever home. Adoption saves lives and enriches your own life with the love of a pet. 

🙌 Support: If you can’t foster or adopt, consider donating to or volunteering with animal rescue organizations. 

Projects to Support

Here are a few incredible projects that you can support to make a difference in the lives of animals:

🐾 Help Provide Food, Medication, and Other Necessities for $10 at The Animal Rehoming Service Inc.

🏡❤️ Feed Our Foster Babes for $20 at Australian Animal Rescue

🐰 Sponsor a Foster Setup for $45 at Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage

Let’s make a difference together! Fostering or adopting an animal can bring immense joy to both your life and the life of the animal you help.

This Chooseday, let’s choose to spread love and compassion by opening our hearts and homes to animals in need. 🏡❤️

Thank you for choosing to do good this Chooseday.

Giving Solutions,

the GoodCompany team.

Know someone who will benefit from a Chooseday mindset?

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