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Chooseday 7th May - Choose to get on board the GoodCompany Volunteer Mystery Bus!

Good Morning,

This Chooseday, as we countdown to National Volunteer Week (20th - 26th May), we're thrilled to welcome you aboard the exhilarating GoodCompany Volunteer Mystery Bus!

Are you ready for an adventure? 🎉 Well... it's time to hop on board the Bus! 🚌

92% of Australian employers reported that volunteering positively impacted employee job satisfaction and company culture (Volunteering Australia, 2020).

With an average Net Promoter Score of 97, the GoodCompany Volunteer Mystery Bus is the experience you've been looking for upskill, empower and inspire your team.

Volunteering isn't just about giving back; it's about discovering new passions, making meaningful connections, and experiencing the joy of helping others. Whether you're lending a hand at a local shelter, planting trees in your community, or mentoring a child, every act of kindness makes a difference. 🌳

🗓️ This is your chance to join the movement and become part of something bigger. But hurry! Volunteer Mystery Bus bookings are filling up fast, and the cut-off date to book your experience is THIS FRIDAY, May 10th. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to embark on a journey of kindness and compassion. 🌟 Book NOW!

Imagine propelling your CSR and ESG initiatives to new heights with Corporate Team Volunteering through GoodCompany. Leave the planning to us, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable team volunteering experience. ✨

Volunteering serves as an extraordinary corporate team-building strategy, we all agree. But the planning part? It can be a headache!

Questions like which charity to partner with, what to eat, and safety measures can delay your team volunteering plans. Not anymore!

The Volunteer Mystery Bus takes care of all that for you. We'll guide your team of 10 to where help is needed the most for an exciting day of impactful and transformational team bonding. 💕 Get ready for a memorable ride!

So, what are you waiting for? Choose to make a difference and hop on board the Volunteer Mystery Bus! 🚌

Contact us today to reserve your spot and be part of the magic of volunteering. Let's create unforgettable memories and spread joy together!

Shift your Workplace Giving Program to a higher gear by Driving Change for a good cause. Click here for a detailed slide deck on the Volunteer Mystery Bus or click here to book today!

Thank you for choosing to do good this Chooseday. ✨ We'll see you on the Bus!

Giving Solutions,

the GoodCompany team.

Know someone who will benefit from a Chooseday mindset?

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