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Chooseday 9th July - Choose to Celebrate NAIDOC Week!

Good Morning,

🌟 🎉 This Chooseday, we come together to celebrate NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islanders Day Observance Committee) Week, a time to honour the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Let's embrace this opportunity to learn, reflect, and support our First Nations communities. 🌏❤️

A Look Back: The Day of Mourning 🕊️

On January 26, 1938, while many celebrated the 150th anniversary of the First Fleet’s arrival, over 1000 Aboriginal people gathered at Australia Hall in Sydney. They called for full citizenship and better laws to improve their lives.This powerful act of unity and resilience became known as the Day of Mourning, marking one of the world's first major civil rights gatherings.

NAIDOC Week, observed from the first Sunday in July until the following Sunday, continues this legacy by celebrating the history, culture, and excellence of First Nations people.

This Year’s Theme: "Blak, Loud and Proud" 🔥

This year's theme, "Blak, Loud and Proud," celebrates the unyielding spirit of Indigenous communities. It represents the fire of strength and vitality passed down through generations. This fire symbolizes connection to the land, each other, and the rich traditions that define Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

By honoring this flame, we spark pride and unity, committing to acknowledging, preserving, and sharing the cultural heritage that enriches our nation. "Blak, Loud and Proud" is a call to reclaim narratives, amplify voices, and commit to justice and equality. It invites all Australians to listen, learn, and engage in meaningful dialogue, fostering a society where Indigenous wisdom and contributions are fully valued and respected.

How You Can Support 🌟

Here are some ways you can show your support and celebrate NAIDOC Week:

Explore Educational Resources: 🖤

Enhance your understanding by exploring NAIDOC educational resources.

Listen to First Nations Voices: 💛

Tune into podcasts or music by First Nations artists to immerse yourself in their stories and sounds.

Support Blak Businesses and Creatives: ❤️

Purchase from Indigenous businesses and artists to support their work and celebrate their talents.

Donate to Worthy Causes: 🖤

Contribute to organizations making a difference in First Nations communities:

Get Your NAIDOC Toolkit💛

For more ideas and resources to celebrate, check out the NAIDOC toolkit.

Let's come together to celebrate NAIDOC Week, acknowledging the rich cultural heritage and contributions of our First Nations communities. Together, we can ignite the flame of pride, unity, and respect.

Happy NAIDOC Week! 🎉

Giving Solutions,

the GoodCompany team.

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