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Chooseday Ep 35: Choose Awe, November 15th, 2022

Seeing the ends of this rainbow is exciting, inspiring, and truly awesome.

Thank you for choosing to start your day with a Chooseday mindset!

Have you ever been front row of an orchestra or a DJ, looked up at a massive skyscraper, stood on a mountain top, and had your jaw drop to the floor?

That’s awe.

It’s the goosebumps, the skip of your heart, the breathlessness that makes you just go WOW! Well now, there is a growing body of research that suggests that experiencing awe may lead to a wide range of benefits, from happiness and health to perhaps more unexpected benefits such as generosity, humility, and critical thinking. And the good news is you get a dose of AWE almost anywhere. Just check this out! Once you experience awe, you may wish to volunteer, donate, fundraise or order some Charity Gift Cards for Christmas. Thanks for choosing awe. You are awe-some! - GoodCompany Team


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