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Chooseday Ep 38: Choose Confidence, December 6th, 2022

Many of us feel like we can't reach our full potential not because we aren't smart enough or don't have the right resources. But most of the time, it's because we lack confidence in ourselves. The truth is, we are not born with confidence. Rather, it's something we instill in ourselves through our beliefs. Naturally, our confidence and self-belief is affected by our experiences. When we receive praise, that boosts our confidence. But when we are rejected or criticized, we feel discouraged and our confidence suffers. We can all do with more confidence, because how will others believe in us when we don't believe in ourselves? Here's how to practice and grow our confidence on a daily basis: Start with standing tall Good posture says everything. You'll feel and look more confident, making others take notice and immediately think that you have it all together. Be inspired By channeling your energy towards your role models and sources of inspiration, that will lift your moods, give you more confidence and determination to work towards making things happen in your favour. Think positive This sounds so roll your eyes - cliche, but when you think about or visualise the positive or desired results of your hard work, you're already letting yourself have a glimpse of success. Get talking Never underestimate the power of self-talk. Telling yourself that you can, you will and that you're unstoppable will help amplify your confidence. Research shows that people who practice affirmations and positive self-talk improve performance, productivity and confidence.

With confidence,


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