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Chooseday Episode 40: Choose Less

Good Morning,

Thank you for choosing to start your day with a Chooseday mindset!

We live in a crowded world of what some call consumer culture - especially now when most people are Christmas shopping in droves! Whatever we want is within our reach - things are more accessible merely by clicking a button. As a result, we're growing up (and growing old) into a materialistic society and the need for more is neverending. But let's focus on less - having less, saying less, assuming or judging less - just actioning and having lesser things to enable our minds to be at peace. Numerous studies have shown that when we allow ourselves to consume less, we become more appreciative, more organised and productive. When we deliberately live in scarcity, it makes us realise that we may not need all the "stuff" that surrounds us on a daily basis. If we say and assume less, we learn to listen and understand, thus improving our relationships. There are also others around us who are deprived of what they need and are not as fortunate. We can also choose to help them get by. As we close this year with our last Chooseday email, we hope that we can all reflect on 2022 on how we made better choices and helped others. We wish you a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year! Thank you for being part of the Chooseday Tribe. Until Jan 2023... - GoodCompany Team

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