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Corporate volunteers sharpen their professional skills

GoodCompany is a certified cupid and a leader in connecting skilled volunteers to meaningful opportunities. We’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years! Every day we match-make charities with volunteers to create impactful relationships. 

Often this happens seamlessly on the platform. However sometimes we’re a little m

ore intimately involved, especially when volunteers with unique professional skills are able to donate their time and expertise. We recently helped to create a match made in heaven between One Health and ANZ.

Here’s how. 

Some highly motivated and highly skilled staff from our corporate partner ANZ, touched base to detail the unique skill set their professional team could offer a charity. With GoodCompany’s assistance, the team were able to elucidate not only their skills but clearly outline to charities what this meant in terms of deliverables.

Social Impact outcome for our charity partner One Health

One Health aim to improve health outcomes by enhancing collaboration and cooperation between a diverse range of health professionals and organisations. One Health seeks to enhance the efficiency and resilience of a networked hub of organisations that they partner with; specifically identifying clear strategy, strong leadership, financial sustainability, sound operations and effective programs as critical elements for success.

In order to successfully embed these skills, and really make a difference, One Health realised they needed to access to a wide range of skills that they did not have in-house.

GoodCompany connected One Health to the ANZ team, enabling them to tap into an incredible resource of high level management, planning and financial skills.

Dr Jimi Wollumbin, Founder and CEO of OneHealth, explained that “These are precisely the skills that are missing in many community organisations and responsible for the typically low 3-5 year survival rates. Good Company has proven to be an invaluable partnership for OneHealth.”

We encourage our corporate partners to advise GoodCompany of the particular skill sets of their people so we can make charities aware of available volunteer resources. When we know more about the skills of our corporate partners, our tools will encourage charities to publish relevant volunteering roles; providing valuable learning and development opportunities for both the charity and corporate volunteers alike.

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