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This Mother’s Day, give more than you spend

This may sound like a scam, or a sneaky way to make your dollars go further. I guarantee it’s neither. I also promise that you’ll feel great, you will make mums heart sing, and together, you’ll change the world.

It all started ten years ago when Melbourne entrepreneur Ash Rosshandler was lamenting buying another photo frame as a gift. Instead, he wanted to give the recipient a donation to charity. But he wasn’t sure where to start. Did they care about animal welfare? Human rights? Medical research? Or perhaps their local food shelter? He wanted there to be a way to gift a donation, and to let the recipient choose the charity beneficiary. He could not find anything that fit the bill, so he created Karma Currency.

Fast forward a decade and $8 million of good karma has been received by charities thanks to ordinary people who care about their mums (as well as thousands of charity projects that need support). People who care about making the world a bit better instead of spending money on more stuff. Or perhaps who, instead of spending their entire budget on flowers and chocolates, reserve a percentage for those in the community who need it most. Scientific research proves that giving feels great. And when you buy a Charity Gift Card, you and mum both get warm fuzzy feels by giving back. It’s a win win.

Giving the gift of giving also means you avoid being a statistic. According to the Australian Retailers Association, last year Aussies were scheduled to spend close to $2 billion on their mums, including an estimated $200 million on flowers. Imagine if just half this amount was spent on something that did not die in a week. The impact would be immense.

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