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Chooseday 21st May - Choose to celebrate National Volunteer Week!

Good Morning,

🎉 Happy National Volunteer Week! 🎉 Let's choose to celebrate this incredible week.

Today marks the start of a week dedicated to celebrating the incredible impact of volunteering, and here at GoodCompany, we couldn't be prouder. With over 275,000 hours volunteered through our platform, we've seen firsthand the power of giving back. 🤝

🐾🌳 Did you know that employee volunteering appears more common among Animal Welfare, Environment, Disability, and Community Services/Welfare/Homelessness organizations? (Volunteering Australia, 2024). It's no wonder, considering the benefits it brings. One in five people (20.8%) reported undertaking volunteering to learn new skills or gain work experience.

It's inspiring to see so many businesses supporting their employees in making a positive difference, with 78% of companies supporting a volunteering program! (Volunteering Australia, 2024).

Volunteering for non-profit organizations was estimated to have an imputed value of $17.3 billion 💰, showcasing its immense economic and social impact.

Furthermore, 82% of volunteers were delighted, pleased, or mostly satisfied with their lives, compared to 75% of non-volunteers. This highlights the personal fulfillment and satisfaction that volunteering can bring. 😊

Our team experiences this every day as volunteering brings colleagues together, strengthens bonds, and makes a real difference.

At GoodCompany, we support over 1,600 charities, so there truly is something for everyone. Whether you're passionate about the environment, education, health, or community support, there's a cause that needs your unique skills and enthusiasm. 🌍📚❤️

This National Volunteer Week, let's celebrate our amazing volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to making the world a better place. And let's encourage our friends, family, and colleagues to join in and discover the joy and fulfillment that comes with volunteering. 🙌

Speaking of joy and fulfillment, there's never been a better time to book the GoodCompany Volunteer Mystery Bus!

Imagine propelling your CSR and ESG initiatives to new heights with Corporate Team Volunteering through GoodCompany. Leave the planning to us, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable team volunteering experience. ✨

Volunteering serves as an extraordinary corporate team-building strategy, we all agree. But the planning part? It can be a headache! Not anymore! The Volunteer Mystery Bus takes care of all that for you.

We'll guide your team of 10 to where help is needed the most for an exciting day of impactful and transformational team bonding. 💕 Get ready for a memorable ride and we'll see you on the bus! 🚌

So, to wrap up - this Chooseday, let's choose to celebrate the act of volunteering and the amazing volunteers in our community,

Thank you to all our volunteers for your unwavering commitment and generosity. Let's make this week about coming together, giving back, and proving that there really is something for everyone in volunteering. 🌟

Giving Solutions,

the GoodCompany team.

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