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Chooseday 4th May - Choose Workplace Giving!

Good Morning,

🌟 Happy Chooseday! 🌟

June is Workplace Giving Month, a perfect opportunity to make a meaningful impact by signing up for workplace giving!

Contribute directly to your favorite charities through automatic payroll deductions, making it a simple and efficient way to support important causes. By participating in workplace giving, you can help fund essential programs and services that make a real impact in our communities.

The benefits of workplace giving are clear. Did you know?

  • 🙌 81% of employees want to work for a company that has socially responsible business practices. (NonProfitPRO, 2023).

  • 🙌 86% of employees say that workplace giving programs make them proud to be part of their organization. (The Fred Hollows Foundation, 2024).

  • 🙌 When staff are given options to choose where their donations go, they are 5x more likely to give. (Australian Communities Foundation, 2023).

By joining a workplace giving program, you not only support the causes you care about but also contribute to a positive and socially responsible workplace culture. Imagine the collective power of your contributions, combined with those of your colleagues, creating significant change and supporting vital initiatives.

Whether it’s supporting health research, environmental conservation, or community development, your donations can make a real difference.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of something bigger. Sign up for workplace giving over the month of June and experience the pride and satisfaction that comes from knowing you are helping to create a better world, one paycheck at a time.

Speaking of pride...

June is also 🌈 Pride Month 🌈 ... a time to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ communities, recognize the hardship and obstacles each community has had to overcome and acknowledge the long road ahead.

This Pride Month, we invite you to support the vital work of organizations dedicated to the equality, love, support and well-being of LGBTQIA+ communities. Charities like Minus 18, The Pinnacle Foundation, and Open Doors are making a significant impact by providing essential resources, education, and support to LGBTQIA+ individuals.

While we love to celebrate, dance, and wrap ourselves in the LGBTQIA+ flag - it's also important to acknowledge how much work still needs to be done.

Did you know?

  • 💜 68% of LGBTQIA+ employees in Australia are not out to everyone at work. (Out at Work).

  • 💙 42% of LGBTQIA+ people hide their sexuality or gender identity at social and community events. (Australian Human Rights Commission).

  • 💛 2 in 3 LGBTQIA+ youth experience abuse due to their identity. (Minus18).

This Pride Month, let's stand together in solidarity by donating, volunteering, or fundraising for incredible LGBTQIA+ organizations that continue to fight for equal rights and love. Your support can help foster acceptance, equality, and a brighter future for everyone in the LGBTQIA+ communities.

  • 🌈 Good Company - Minus18 Foundation

  • 🌈 Good Company - The Pinnacle Foundation

  • 🌈 Good Company - Open Doors Youth Service Inc.

🌊 Support our reefs and oceans this World Oceans Day - June 8th! 🌊

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is creating a future for the world’s coral reefs by protecting ocean habitats, restoring coral reefs and helping them adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Our planet needs healthy oceans to survive, and healthy oceans need healthy reefs. Our coral reefs support 25% of all marine life, and coastal wetland ecosystems store carbon dioxide up to 50 times more efficiently than tropical rainforests.

The urgency couldn't be clearer: coral reefs worldwide are facing their fourth global mass bleaching event, triggered by record-breaking ocean temperatures fuelled by climate change. The Great Barrier Reef is fighting for life, and we need your help to respond. 💙

Your donation can fund immediate response actions, coral restoration, and research for long-term resilience. Our researchers tell us there is still time, but the window to act is closing. The Reef needs action now.

Workplace Giving Month is jam-packed with important dates to support. Be your own hero and CHOOSE what you want to support this June! 🌟

  • 1st - 30th: Pride Month

  • 1st - 30th: Bowel Cancer Month

  • 2nd - 8th: Tourette’s Awareness Week

  • 3rd: Mabo Day

  • 5th: World Environment Day

  • 8th: International Best Friends Day

  • 8th: World Oceans Day

  • 10th - 16th: Men's Health Week

  • 16th - 22nd: Refugee Week

  • 14th - 20th: National Blood Donor Week

  • 20th: World Refugee Day

  • 22nd: World Rainforest Day

  • 19th - 25th: Aotearoa National Volunteer Week

  • 23rd: International Women in Engineering Day

  • 29th: International Day of the Tropics

Each event offers a unique way to contribute to meaningful causes. Let's unite to support these amazing initiatives and make June a month of positive change and community spirit! 🌟

Thank you for choosing to do good this Chooseday!

Giving Solutions,

the GoodCompany team.

Know someone who will benefit from a Chooseday mindset?

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